After show events

All after-show events are dependent on the amount of time allocated by the programmer or by the company tour schedule. Options include:
Our masks
Mask demonstration and play

This only takes a few minutes to prepare and then we let the audience have a go!

Requirements: we will need a table on which we can place a dozen half-face masks.

Hélène and Tracey

Questions and discussions

The actors are very happy to answer any questions. We enjoy spending some time with the audience answering any questions they may have concerning any aspect of the show or the masks. This can take place at the end of the show at the stage edge or in the tea room.

Tea with Granny Smith

The tea room

Only with The Granny Smith Show.

As and when possible, we install our small tea room after the performance. The tea room allows us to share a pleasant moment with the audience sipping our mint tea and exploring our masks. The idea of the tea room was born during our first rural tour in Britain in 2004: after most of the performances, the organisers set up a tea room to raise funds to finance future events. We liked this great occasion to meet the audience.


Requirements: we ask the organisers to provide tables, chairs, hot water and cups, we bring the mint tea and accessories (tablecloths, flowers, teapots, etc.).

For more information, contact:

Tracey Boot
Tel.: +33(0)7 60662859
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