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Our masks are not just beautiful objects to look at, they are exceptional tools. A mask can entertain, sooth, heal, protect or disguise its wearer, and its audience is never left untouched.Theatre Transformations leads mask workshops for a variety of professionals including artists, teachers and business individuals or teams. As a tool, a mask has many uses.
Tracey Boot

Tracey Boot, principal company trainer.

Tracey has over 20 years experience as an actor, director and trainer. She:

  • Trains all of the singers, musicians and actors who perform in our shows.
  • Worked as an actor and trainer for Guichet Fermée, Lyon, France, specialists in corporate communication and business theatre.
Tracey also works on a regular basis for other companies and organisations helping professionals from varying disciplines to develop their existing skills or to expand and embrace new ones.
Her primary tool is the mask to which she has added her own skills and knowledge in voice, movement, text and group work. As a mask maker and performer she has a profound knowledge of the world of masks and in particular the skills and techniques required for mask performance. She understands the masks’ ability to change and develop one’s perception of the roles we play and the world we live in.

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