The use of mask is an innovative and fun approach to corporate training. Mask workshops can be used for short ice-breaker sessions or as full day workshops that can be added to existing training or conferences.

As a tool, a mask has many uses. A mask is: 

  • A protection: a mask can hide or protect its wearer, allowing them to develop and explore issues, feelings or states that he or she would otherwise be too insecure or uncomfortable to deal with.
  • A resource: the mask holds all the information the wearer needs to develop his or her character and thus acts as a catalyst for the imagination.
  • A mirror: a mask can be a mirror for society, helping us to understand the roles we play and the ones we might like to play: leaders, followers, diplomats …
  • A liberation: changing roles with a mask is quick and easy, and gender is no longer an issue.

Staff benefits including: improved confidence, enhanced presentation skills, improved communication and team building.

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