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The company has the official backing of the AFDAS organisation who finance the training of artists, techniciens and administrators.

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Conseil Départementale de La Savoie

Savoie County Council - funding and guidance

La Ville de Chambéry

Chambéry Town Hall - funding, residencies and office/ workshop space.

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La Dynamo, Chambéry

Located at the entrance to the Hauts de Chambéry and Priority Political District of the town, it opened in the spring of 2018, Dynamo, a town establishment in  Chambéry, is today a place of experimentation and social innovation that houses a ecosystem of actors, services and activities dedicated to youth, digital technology, professional integration, urban cultures, social innovation and international relations.

This 1,200 m2 hybrid venue where around fifty inhabitants coexist offers more than 40 offers of activities or services per week, making available 2,500 hours per month of not for profit premises used by more than 100 structures. Recently Labeled Digital Factory of Territory, Dynamo now offers: a "solidarity" Fab lab and - a "resource" place to strengthen digital mediation actions in the Hauts de Chambéry.

One of our regular partners for Visuelles.

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Espace culturel la Traverse, Bourget du Lac

L'Espace culturel La Traverse  is a municipal building, it hosts each year the cultural season of the same name, also offered by the Municipality of Bourget-du-Lac. This cultural structure participates in the development of the associative and economic cultural life of the Commune and the surrounding territories.

It is a place for shows: the equipment is suitable for professional use. Functional and adaptable, it can host all types of shows, including those requiring significant logistics.


It is also a place of artistic creation: each season, the La Traverse Cultural Space welcomes many companies in residence, allowing them to benefit from the facilities.

It is also a place for professional meetings and exchanges: The Auditorium hall is widely used by surrounding businesses and structures for hosting congresses, professional forums, symposia, conferences or meetings.

Partner for Visuelles #5 - 2019

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L'Auditorium de Seynod, Seynod

The Auditorium Seynod, Regional Scene Rhône-Alpes, is a cultural and artistic structure that has exceptional acoustic qualities. It is equipped with the best Sound and Light equipment. They host high quality shows, national and international, Theater, Music and Dance. 

The Auditorium, supports the company through residencies. In January 2018 with the help of the Auditorium we developed our new show Juliette and her Romeo which is now ready for medium-sized venues.

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La Soierie, Faverges

La Soierie cultural centre, in the town of Faverges, supports the company through residencies. 

Several residencies between  2016- 2018 

with the help of the Soierie we developed :

- our new version of The Mitten

- Juliette and her Romeo

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Fabric'Arts is the cultural development project of the Pays de Faverges Sources of Lake Annecy. It is organised by the Community of Communes Sources Lake Annecy, territory with 15 000 inhabitants, located in Haute-Savoie, between Annecy and Albertville.

Our company worked on various résidencies, performances and workshops from 2015 to 2018.

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MJC, Chambéry

The Maisons des Jeunes et de la Culture and the associations belonging to the Unions and Regional Federations of MJC, which themselves constitute the Confédération des Maisons des Jeunes et de la Culture de France, all have the vocation of promoting autonomy and development of people.

They allow everyone to have access to education and culture, so that everyone can participate in building a more united society.

Many residencies between  1994- 2019

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La Ville de la Ravoire

La Ravoire Town Hall - 

Several residencies in 1996- 2009.

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