History and formation

Theatre Transformations run by Tracey Boot, is a French –Scottish masked theatre company based in Chambery in Savoie, France. The company was originally created by Tracey Boot and Jacky Ridell in 1990 in Manchester, England.

Tracey graduated in Theatre Studies from the University of Manchester, where she was influenced by ideas from musical theatre to Mike Leigh. Subsequent meetings with the famous French mime actor, Jacques Lecoq and his methodology for using physical theatre, movement and mime to convey meaning, drew Tracey into the art of directing, while from the Italian Donato Sartori and African Mike Chase she learned mask-making and exploring the possibilities of mask in contemporary theatre.

Following her move to France where she now lives, Tracey developed collaborations with French singer Sandrine Le Brun-Bonhomme and the US-Israeli composer and musician Haim Isaacs.


From such varied cultural traditions, at Theatre Transformations we are able to drawn on influences as diverse as Italian Commedia dell’Arte, the ironic glance of the great silent films of Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton and Laurel and Hardy, Russian avant-garde theatre, musicals, and contemporary improvisation techniques to produce our unexpected, engaging masked theatre stories for all ages.

Our lively shows are based on characters, costumes and stories entirely created by members of the company. Often using improvisation, they are a vibrant example of what is contemporary and original in masked theatre.