Our shows

We make masked theatre shows and create stories for a variety of settings and audiences. With improvisation and the personal, evolving relationship with our characters and the tales they have to tell, we can adapt many of our shows to differently-sized venues and can show some of them in outdoor and festival settings too. 
To help you decide which of our shows would be right for your audience and venue, we’ve grouped them as Shows for small and community venues , Shows for medium-sized venues and audiences and Shows for schools.
Don’t be surprised to see one show in more than one section – that’s because it can be adapted to your needs.
As well as the shows, we offer you ‘Theatre plus …’ – a little extra with the show, where we invite the audience to get to know us, to chat and ask questions … perhaps to try their hand at mask-making and craft skills … perhaps to take tea with us in our Salon de Thé!

Our videos

The Mitten:

Juliette and her Romeo:

Betty Oops

...a two woman mask and music performance that balances the mundane and the absurd to surprise and entertain

Betty Oops show full review

Granny Smith

...delicious and intelligent

Granny Smith show full review