Shows for medium-sized venues

Modane (73)

Our medium-sized shows take our talent for enchanting, whimsical story-telling and expand it to the immersive, theatrical experience of a performance venue for 150 to 400 people. In such a hall, the laughter sounds louder, the singing and music envelope the audience, and the action can be more complex. But the heart of our inventive approach to story-telling remains the same. And in the darkness of an auditorium, our masks take on an extra, glowing presence.

Perfect as part of your seasonal venue programme for children and family audiences – or for anyone who enjoys different ways to create theatre. This gives you an opportunity to bring in new audiences … and because we work across several languages (and none!) these shows are a great way of inviting your tourist visitors to join your community at a special cultural experience.

Don’t forget – we can offer you a ‘Theatre Plus’ extension with these shows.

For performance areas of 7 to 7m2, and audience capacity of 150 to 400 people.

If you’re interested in booking one of our shows for your medium-sized venues, then use our contact form: here

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Tracey Boot


Tel.: +33 (0)7 6066285

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The Mitten show