Shows for small and community audiences

Arts Out West, The Kirkgat, UK
Our small and community shows are intimate and engaging. Designed for audiences of around 80-120 people, the actors and audience are in close proximity / occupy the same space. This gives us plenty of opportunity to be flexible, to improvise and to adapt to the pace and respond to the needs of each audience. And being so close, the audiences can see our wonderful masks in all their detail.

So, while we describe these shows as ‘perfect of age 4 upwards’, they truly are fun entertainment for all ages.An ideal way to bring a whole community together. And don’t forget – we can offer you a ‘Theatre Plus’ experience with these shows!

For 4 to 4 m2 spaces, or for outdoor festival spaces.

If you’re interested in booking one of our shows for your small community venue, then complete our contact form: here

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Tracey Boot
Tel.: +33 (0)760662859

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