The Inseparables masks

Two of the masques, the old man mask and the young man mask, were created for a show called Autres Directions (Other Directions). The show dealt with the notion of difference, hence the extremes of old and young. The show was successful but we felt that there was something missing. The masks worked well together, but the result was too clear-cut. There needed to be more intrigue, the plot had to be thicker, it needed spicing up! Tracey decided to introduced a third mask, turning the duo into a trio.


The new mask had to be individual as Tracey wanted to keep with the theme of difference. It had to be different to the other two. So Tracey chose to use the doctor mask from her Commedia dell’Arte set. The doctor mask is a small mask that covers the forehead and nose. She chose this mask for two reasons: firstly, its form – a third of a mask (as opposed to the full face masks of the old man mask and the young man mask) and secondly, the possibility of using voice (rather than using mime with the full face masks).

Tracey worked from scratch with new actors, spending a lot of time in the studio to develop each character individually then collectively. The original show was ripped apart to make way for a new show The Inseparables. 

The young man became Nuigi, the old man became Norbert and the doctor became J.P. (Jean Philippe). New, non-masked, characters were introduced: the three fairies. The use of non-masked characters helps to underline the use of the masks and relieve a certain degree of tension that the audience can feel with full-face mask performance.