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Mask play
We like to get close to our audience. Whether its through after show events, workshops or lecture-demonstrations, we like to take the time to meet and chat to our audience and share our passion for masks. Touring can be tough but what makes it special is the possibility it gives us to meet new people and discover different cultures.

Whenever possible, we create intimate contact through:

  • discussions
  • workshops
  • open rehearsals
  • theatrical and musical demonstrations
  • after-show meetings with the artistes
  • making our collection of masks available, after the show, for both the adults and the children to try …

We have been working with varying audiences for over twenty years and have gained a good understanding of the public, students’ and the teachers’ needs.

We also work in close collaboration with various educational agencies and educational advisors, which helps keep us up-to-date with new educational ambitions or changes in curriculum.

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