The Mitten​

A charming folktale of winter and solidarity

On a cold winter's day, Zoïa loses her mitten in the snow. Lost... but not for long, because one by one, shivering animals come to take refuge in it. The animals meet, talk about the harshness of winter, their snowy forest and also experience sharing, tolerance and discover the value of friendship!

This charming encounter with animals in winter is staged in a dynamic and poetic way.  The half-masks, created by Tracey Boot, add touches of colour to a forest with a clean, white and contemporary décor, painted by the artist Geneviève Joannin. 

A charming, adorable, funny show with a great performance by the storyteller (Love                                                                  


This play can be performed in French and in French/English, with two female actors.

Extra options

Tracey and Hélène have a long experience of running workshops with a variety of audiences: children, adults, special audiences.

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