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​​Going international in 2022
Visu'elles #7 

​​Visu'elles, is a gathering around masks and associated arts ... with a feminine focus.
Our next programme will take place in and around Chambéry from the 11th to the 19th of November 2022. We will keep you informed of these exciting new developments, both locally and internationally! 

More information about Visu'elles HERE

New creation
The Bag Ladies 

The Bag Ladies, walk about
They've been walking around...
At the beginning of the summer, we saw them in the local market, then they came back in November to have fun at the Base located in the Malraux building.  At the request of the Chambéry town hall, they braved the cold of December to entertain young and old alike who went to the Jean Renoir hall to participate in the beautiful piano cinema event with Skal.
They will be back soon.

More information about The Bag Ladies HERE

International Tour
The Granny Smith Show

Theatre Transformations has toured internationally on an occasional basis. We are currently developing these international tours on a larger scale. 
The Granny Smith Show successfully toured to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August 2021 with the support of the French Institute. The show was extremely well received by critics and the general public. 
Preparations are underway to tour the show in the UK and to other Fringe festivals in other countries.

More information about the Granny Smith Show : HERE

IETM Network

The company joined the IETM network in 2020. Tracey participated in two meetings in 2021: one in Lyon, France, and another in Girona, Spain. Three meetings are scheduled for 2022: Belgrade, Berlin and Brussels. This work is part of our ongoing international development.
IETM members are organisations and individuals working worldwide in the field of contemporary performing arts. They represent all disciplines of the performing arts and work in all aspects of international cooperation. They currently have 524 members from 60 countries.

Link to : IETM