Meeting around the mask and associated arts ... with a feminine focus! 

The Cie Théâtre Transformations organises an annual meeting to promote the art of the mask - and associated professions - for women.  This event aims to highlight the specificity of the art of the mask and associated arts - puppetry, object theatre, visual theatre, clowning... - and on the other hand to value the work of women in culture, from creation to production.

We still find that these two aspects of culture - the art of the mask and women's art - are insufficiently recognised by both the general public and institutions. Our ambition is therefore to create an event that contributes on the one hand to show this lack of recognition of women and the mask in culture and on the other hand to revalue them.

Regarding the specific problem of the place of women in the world of culture, we invite you, for more information, to consult this document: 
vers-legalite-reelle-entre-les-femmes-et-les-hommes-chiffres-cles-edition-2021 (in French)

In France, women represent 2/3 of students in higher education in culture, but only 4 out of 10 people employed in cultural professions (2021)

In all fields, women artists receive fewer awards than men

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Going international in 2022
Visu'elles #7 

Visu'elles #7 - Meeting around masks.
Our next festival will take place in and around Chambéry between November 14 and 19, 2022. We will keep you informed of these exciting new developments, both locally and internationally! 

International development

Tracey has been documenting mask work for some time. Following the decision to expand the company's international reputation Tracey has been creating small tours around Europe, combining network meetings, visits to museums and festivals, personal performances and meetings with mask practitioners.

We will be inviting some of these artists to Visu'elles #7 in November 2022.

International development HERE